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Through Digital Transformation businesses are slowly becoming the product.

Business values are transferred into their online products or services. The product becomes the entity with which we interact. This is especially true for interactive platforms.

But if we forget to bring empathy to the table, your business becomes an online jerk pretty fast. With all character and personality treats going with it.

So it makes sense to start treating your business as a person and put some principles is place. Your moral ruleset for business, communication & creation. (Think Trump, Uber – Money is more important than Morals and Facebook Fake news, etc.)

This is the perfect time to choose the person you want to be and create the person people want to  relate too.

The latest trend in Digital Product Design is to design with Empathy.

If I tell youyou have a tank of empathy which depletes throughout the day, this could be the wrong approach.

I argue that treating your business & product as a person is a great thought direction.
Because a person just is, without effort.

This e-book investigates this respect and is a subscription based format with a iterative nature to support this design principle.

I ask you  to give it a try.
We may agree to disagree, but let’s investigate together.


You will notice it will make so much sense, it will definitely give you and your stakeholders the Aha! moment.

Sooner or later.

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